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Don’t let wear and tear spoil your fishing trip

Marine safety officers have been at boat ramps and on the water this summer checking vessels.

Unfortunately the number of safety problems discovered has been too high.

During a recent operation in Kangaroo Island many boaters with rods and reels ready to go had their day spoiled.

Twenty six were missing essential safety equipment, nine were fined and six were stopped from launching.

That added up to almost $1500 in fines and for some put an end to a planned day on the water.

One of the major problems is safety gear that wears out.

It’s not enough to simply have life jackets or flares in your boat. They must be up to date and in working order.
Items that can wear out or expire include:

flares – past the expiry date (most have a working life of three years)
life jackets – no longer comply with safety standards
fire extinguisher – rusty to the point of losing pressure

Ideally please check your safety gear each time you go out of the water. If you haven’t used your boat for a few months put aside 30 minutes to go through this safety list.

This bit of time spent will not only ensure you’re not fined but most importantly may help get you out of trouble in an emergency.

Safe boating
Trent Rusby
Director, Transport Safety Regulation