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Video: kayak accident reminder of care needed

4 October 2012

Kayak accident Kayaking is a great way to enjoy our beautiful South Australian waters and kayakers, and those operating any unpowered vessel are reminded to take precautions this summer.

Recently Nine News reported on an accident on the water at Marino. Watch the video below for the details.

The incident highlights the extra care that those using small vessels must take.

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) Director, Transport Safety Regulation, Trent Rusby, said that there were many steps people can take to increase their safety before heading out onto the water.

“It is especially important to consider safety before using a kayak or a similar unpowered vessel, as these craft sit quite low in the water and can have risks such as capsizing, blowing off course, taking on water and decreased visibility to other vessels,” he said.

“Plan your trip to take advantage of favourable wind, flow and tides for the return leg of a day trip when you’re likely to be tired.”

There are a number of precautions people can take before heading out to help them safely enjoy their time on the water.

Travelling in a group increases safety, while carrying communication devices and giving someone your mapped route before you leave are also useful measures.

“It is preferable to travel in a group so that you can look out for one another, but sometimes this is not always possible and those travelling solo need to be extra attentive,” Mr Rusby said.

“Taking your mobile phone or a Personal Location Beacon with you is a sensible idea which can help you should a problem arise.

“Make sure you tell someone where you will be departing from, the route you plan to take and your estimated time of return, as this information will be useful and allow a quicker rescue should it be needed.”

Those operating unpowered vessels of all kinds should always check their equipment and stock themselves with all necessary provisions.

- be sure to outfit your craft with the appropriate equipment and check that it is in working order and within easy reach
- attach reflective tape to the craft and paddles to increase visibility, while attaching shock cords to your paddles can keep you from losing them

- a buoyant, waterproof torch is an excellent item to keep in your safety kit and is important when travelling between the hours of sunset and sunrise

- dress yourself appropriately for the conditions and make sure that you are wearing the correct Personal Flotation Device for your activity

Kayakers and those using any kind of unpowered vessel are also advised to remain with their craft, should a problem arise, for easier location by search crews.

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